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My Practice Moving Forward

As well as learning a lot about painting these last two years, I have also realised I already had quite a substantial knowledge that I do not think I was fully appreciating. Moving forward, I want to remember to be more confident in my abilities while continously tryng to improve them. In most areas of my practice I have seen improvement. I now use better paints, mediums, primers canvas and stretchers. I want to push my painting to be as professional as I can, while still maintaining control over all the individual elements. My research has become an invaluable part of my practice as it feeds my imaginations and builds new sign-posts for my practice to explore. 


What pleases me most about the course is that when I finish in July I will be able to go into a studio and instantly continue painting, confident in the direction my work is going. My aims or goals for the next year will be to continue exhibiting in group shows in London, as well as trying to get my first solo show in London. I also have an oppourtunity to show in Dublin as well as a group show in Switzerland and a possible collaboration project with another artist in Portugal. I have signed up for an Art Handling and Installation course at Chelsea College of Art, as I want to increase my knowledge on modern hanging and installation techniques and also improve my employment oppourtunities.

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